Saving My Life

I don't recommend moving across states, within the time-frame of the shortest month of the year, when you have an infant. And I know this from personal experience, because this is exactly what we are doing. This apartment may be tiny, but she is well filled, with books and baby things. Normally I absolutely love … Continue reading Saving My Life


Interlude & 1

It just so happens that when your wonderful, beautiful, completely himself child is placed into your arms, everything in your life completely rearranges itself - including your brain. I cannot tell you how many times I've sat down to write up something amaaaazing coherent, only to find that I cannot remember my name, or what I … Continue reading Interlude & 1

SQT | Baby Talk, Drinking Problems and Current Favorites

Linking up with Kelly of  This Ain't the Lyceum. 1. I realized a few days ago that all along I have been considering October as baby's birth month, when it is really November (in theory). This is somehow disorienting to me, partly because I'm SO TIRED OF BEING PREGNANT. No, 31 weeks isn't too early for me … Continue reading SQT | Baby Talk, Drinking Problems and Current Favorites