On the Needle : Colorblock Baby Blanket

I’m not entirely sure which came first for me: the itch to re-learn crocheting, or the desire to make my almost newborn niece a baby blanket. Either way, it feels good to be doing something with yarn again.

Processed with VSCOcamThis little thing has grown quite a bit since I took these photos, and I love the outcome. The pattern I am using is the Baby Color Blocked Blanket from Shirley & Eadie, which is really a great starting point for anyone who wants to begin crocheting, or has been away from it for a long time.  One of the things that starting off with such a simple pattern has taught me is the importance of making sure that you have the right tension in your stitches, especially at the beginning of the project.  When I started off doing my chain stitch, I noticed that it kept falling short of the measurements in the directions.  At first I thought I wasn’t reading the directions correctly, but then I realized that it was because my stitches were too tight, and therefore they could not make up the proper length.

Processed with VSCOcam

There is something really beautiful about the repetitive nature of crocheting, and the ability to do something that both occupies hands and frees up the mind.  I’ve had a lot of fun trying to challenge myself to be relaxed and consistent in my stitches which is helpful practice for a lot of things.  Sometimes you don’t need to power through things. Sometimes you have to let yourself just enjoy the process of making something, listening and looking closely for what it has to teach you.


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