SQT | Baby Talk, Drinking Problems and Current Favorites

Linking up with Kelly of  This Ain’t the Lyceum.

1. I realized a few days ago that all along I have been considering October as baby’s birth month, when it is really November (in theory). This is somehow disorienting to me, partly because I’m SO TIRED OF BEING PREGNANT. No, 31 weeks isn’t too early for me to say that. I have the cankles, debilitating pelvic pain, and moodswings to prove it. And on that note, oh my gosh, I can’t wait to meet this little guy. I can’t believe his due date is only 58 days away. I am so excited and soooooo not ready.

2. Water has become that really annoying friend that your mom wants you to hang out with because they’re a “good influence” on you, but you really can’t quite get along with them. Or, in my case, they send you running to the bathroom every half hour, even at no-o’clock in the morning when every limb cries out that they will break in protest if you move. But, apparently my inability to make nice with hydration has caused me a world of pain and discomfort…something I only realized after I’d been hooked up to an IV for 3 hours this Tuesday. Who knew you could have a headache running in the background and not even notice for a few months? Not I. So yeah, now me and H2O are BFFLs reluctantly inseparable.

3. Now that September is here, I finally have some of my reading mojo back, which is fan. tastic. This enthusiasm has been inspired by my fear that once the baby arrives, I will never be able to read again. The negative side effect of this is that right now I am currently attempting to read around 7 books at the same time. But more on that later.  Sadly, most of my September has been spent on books that I really didn’t enjoy. This one in particular. The copy I read was from my library, and I had it riddled with post-it notes, but once I had finished it I pulled them all out and decided to just write a little blurb in my reading journal spreadsheet (i know, I’m so cool) instead of doing an in depth review on something I was so frustrated with. I’m not the best reviewer even when I love a book, but hopefully I can compose my thoughts on it well enough to do a mini review for a September bookish round up or something.

4. Speaking of spreadsheets, I’ve somehow found myself addicted to them. I’ve always been a list maker – it’s therapeutic, practical and you can make them pretty! – but I’ve never liked spreadsheets all that much before this month. They’ve proved to be a huge outlet to me, especially when it comes to discerning what products to get baby, keeping track of important lists, Christmas gift ideas, project ideas, and what books I’m reading at the moment, And yes, I realize that there exists a whole host of free apps for book lovers, but for some reason I like the simplicity of a spreadsheet (I still love Goodreads though). Along with spreadsheets I’ve been using Kanban Flow and Todoist, and that has been just a magical combination for me.

5. Currently on repeat: Bohemian Rhapsody (cover by Panic! At the Disco) | The Suits are Picking Up the Bill


6. Currently watching:

When Netflix added the 45 minute Finale/Special for The IT Crowd, I pretty much bingewatched the entire show in preparation. Worth every minute. It’s so horrible, but so good. Then, recently the husband and I have started watching Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell and really enjoying it despite it feeling a bit slow at first. And as for Galavant, well all I can say is that we are only 2 episodes in, but already I’m afraid the neighbors are going to report us for raucous laughter.

That’s all for now, folks. Hopefully I can get together a non SQT post soon, but we shall see, since I seem to only be able to show up for every other Friday, and squeeze in just under the wire.


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